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Nylon 230 BLACK 1 KG

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Colour Description:

Colour of Nylon 230 is Black.

Description of the product

Nylon 230 is a lower temperature Nylon developed by Taulman3D specially for 3D Printing on systems that have cold prints beds and lower temperature capabilities.
Potential Uses:
1. Gears- Light Load
2. Fan Blades
3. Housing
4. Phone Covers

About The Product 

  1. Nylon 230 3D printing filaments prints easily at 230C, Allowing you to use it on any 3D Printer.
  2. Nylon filament for 3D Printing. There are some great nylons out there for 3D printing but many of them cost a lot. Nylon 230 is the affordable Taulman3D Nylon and the first to print at 230C.
  3. Made in America The supply chain of Taulman3D products is different then your standard filament maker. Every roll is manufactured in the US.
  4. 1.75 mm Diameter Nylon 3D Printing Filament which prints easily at 230C.
  5. 1Kg Spool. Consistent diameters check by laser Technology.


Technical Data Sheet: Please find the detailed Technical Data Sheet attached below



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