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ELEGOO ABS-Like Resin Grey (1KG Weight)

Original price was: ₹2,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,400.00.

* Resin Parameters Unit Data
* Wave -Length NM 405
* Hardness (D) / 84
* Viscosity (25°C) mPa.s 150-200
* Liquid Density g/cm3 1.100
* Solid Density g/cm3 1.195
* Flexure Strength mPa 59-70
* Extension Strength mPa 36-53

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Main Features:

*【Low Shrinkage and High Precision】ELEGOO photopolymer resin is specially designed for reducing volume shrinkage during the Photocuring
process ,which ensures the high precision of the print model with smooth finish.
*【Fast Curing and Great Stability】ELEGOO 405nm Rapid Resin was designed to significantly reduce printing time with its excellent
fluidity. Meanwhile its great stability and proper hardness guarantee a worry-free printing experience and successful printing.
*【Bright and Stunning Colors】With high quality pigments and photo-initiators inside ELEGOO UV-Curing resin, the models printed with
resin have a very pure and stunning color effect just like an artwork.
*【Wide Applications】Given the outstanding performances, ELEGOO standard resin is suitable for most DLP/LCD 3D printers. Works best with
the LCD 3D Printers.
*【Safe and Secure Packaging】Leak-proof bottle fully wrapped with a plastic bubble bag and exquisite designed package box make sure the
resin stays in place where they belong


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